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Hand Made Bows customized for you.
Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for delivery.
All custom bows require a $200.00 CAD deposit.

Firehawk Longbow

The "Firehawk Longbow" Is one of the finest handcrafted longbows out there.

Firehawk 3 Piece Takedown

How do you improve on a superb unique design like the "Firehawk longbow" ???

Make it a "3 piece takedown" !!!

Hunter Recurve
54" or 58"

The "Hunter" is a one-piece recurve built in the traditional style of the late 50's.

Hunter 3 Piece Take Down

The "Hunter 3 Piece Takedown" offers you, the options of changing bow length or weight, simply by changing the limbs. No need to purchase an entire new bow.

Stalker Longbow

The "Stalker Longbow" a finely crafted longbow for anyone who takes bow hunting seriously.

Bow strings


Building Supplies

  Clear Fiberglass "Armtex"
   Black Fiberglass "Armtex"
Wood Laminations

Custom your own bow with these laminates. The best "Armtex" fiberglass which is clear or black in colour. I custom grind wood laminates too.